*All full & multi day classes & workshops are available as hands-on/interactive.

**Custom classes are available by request.


Fine Art Character Portraits

2 hr, Half day, Full day, Multi Day

Fine art character portraits is a way of photographing a subject with their real and true essence by showcasing personal passions, hands on life work and a unique sense of self, or allowing then to portray a character they have always wanted to be. Character photography creates a real and true representation of the people being photographed and once in a while allows them escape reality for a moment or two. This fine art portrait photography workshop is dedicated to teaching you how to add fine art sensibility to your studio.  Are you thinking about creating, revamping or maximizing your home or studio space? You'll discover how to use your markeing money in the most efficient way, including strategically working with local businesses, shops, and spaces as well as how to create a strong marketing brand. You'll come away from this  workshop with everything you need to identify and create inventive shooting spaces, a marketing plan, and a new look for your business whether it’s a storefront, home studio, on location or pop-up. In this behind the scences look inside Jen’s fine art  character portraits, all of the materials and processes she uses, including how she shops second hand and antique shops for clothing and props and sets up her award winning images.

Days Gone ByDays Gone By The Weary SkipperThe Weary Skipper Even Heros BreakEven Heros Break No Sacrifice Too GreatNo Sacrifice Too Great Evolve: 
Growing Your Business with Your Personal Art
(Marketing, sales, portraits, fine art)

2 hr, Half day, Full Day

Did you start out as a portrait or wedding photographer but have a love for fine art landscapes or still life photography? Or do you create fine art images for image competitions that are not part of your normal workflow? Have you wondered how to make that love a part of your business? Learned how Jen Hargrove took her business from a simple to a more fine art studio that includes, character portraits, waterscapes, and abstracts.  You will also learn how Jen markets and prices these sessions and works, her sales process and the products she offers and that sells most. (Full day classes may include a photowalk and are interactive).

Painting Autumn copyPainting Autumn copy Symphony of the Sea copySymphony of the Sea copy Life in TurmoilLife in Turmoil Into the MysticInto the Mystic Falling From HeavenFalling From Heaven

Paws & Tots
(Marketing, sales, portraits, posing, lighting)

2 hr, Half day, Full day, Multi Day

Pets and children are by far the most beloved members of most families, but capturing their personalities is often more difficult than just a click of the shutter.  Instructor Jen Hargrove’s photographs are often defined by her simple classic compositions and authentic moments of pets and children.  Now you can join Jen behind the scences as she shows you the basics of how she gets animals and children comfortable with the camera.  After this class, you’ll be able to capture great images of pets and children AND learn how to sell simple classic images like fine art.  You will also learn how Jen has found success with image competition using client work and has used that success to build a highly profitable business.

You Gonna Share That Or WhatYou Gonna Share That Or What Impatiently WaitingImpatiently Waiting Like a Baby Loves CakeLike a Baby Loves Cake Lazy DaysLazy Days


(Marketing, sales, portraits, posing, lighting)

2 hr, Half day, Full day, Multi Day

Get the opportunity to watch and photograph a dog session from beginning to end. Begin with the initial consultation, that all important “meet and greet” with your canine clients. Discover how to make both humans and dogs comfortable while they get familiar with you and your studio and learn why we prefer our clients Unleashed. Also covered is camera and lens selections, lighting, background and props as you learn what to use and when. Explore how to photograph dogs for their people and for print competition.  Before you're done, you'll also discuss in person and zoom sales, our traveling/on location and pop up studios, products, pricing, marketing, and what we do to thank our canine clients and their humans.

One Peck and You're DinnerOne Peck and You're Dinner It's A Ruff LifeIt's A Ruff Life Don't Look At MeDon't Look At Me Draw Me Like One of Your French GirlsDraw Me Like One of Your French Girls Time OutTime Out

Low Volume, High Profit Seniors
(Marketing, business, sales)

2 hr, Half day, Full day

High School Seniors are one of the most demanding of all genres.  Learn how to make huge profits with a minimum number of sessions, leaving more personal time for you. Seniors are high energy, creative, fun and attitudes can be a challenge. We’ll cover design, marketing, exclusive destinations, photographing to capture their personalities while maintaining a low volume, high profit senior portrait business.

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KH23KH23 NS1NS1 Just A Touch Of AttitudeJust A Touch Of Attitude

Brooklyn1 copyBrooklyn1 copy Hayden1Hayden1 SandDunesSenior4SandDunesSenior4


The Power of MINI

(Marketing, sales, portraits)

2 hr, Half day, Full Day

Are you tired of trying to style every session or spending hours editing sessions just for your clients to only buy a few prints or spend a few dollars?  Do you want to work less and make more? Learn how we turn simple mini sessions into high profit. From the initial consultation through in person sales and online sales and Zoom sales sessions , learn our process for turning these simple mini sessions into high profit sales.  You’ll also learn the the most profitable products and how to market them.

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The POP UP & On Location Studios

(Marketing, sales, portraits)

2 hr, Half day, Full Day

Have you been wanting offer studio sessions to your clients but you don’t want the overhead of renting full time? Or don’t have room in your home?  Do you want to take advantage of a larger market outside away from your home but don’t want to commit to a rental in that area?  Or even a last minute fundraiser for a client or organization you work with out of town. Then this workshop is for you.  Learn about the POP UP and On Location Studios.  Whether it’s in a trendy boutique, reception center during the “off season”, a banquet room, or your clients home. We will cover everything from marketing, sales, pricing and products to our transportation of the “studio”.